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Cogleap Foundation for Healthy Child Development


Recovery efforts have come a long way since coronavirus first swept the world, but the damage caused by this pandemic extends far beyond the virus itself. During the first year of the pandemic, the World Health Organization reported a dramatic global increase in the incidence of anxiety and depression, and the toll on mental health is still ongoing. Over the past few years, the prevalence of mental struggles and the lack of treatment options, especially for children, has become more and more apparent. The dire shortage of specialized resources, including child psychiatrists and psychotherapists, coupled with long term needs and the high cost of therapeutic interventions is causing additional stress for the children and families who need these services.


Cogleap Foundation cordially invites advocates and practitioners of mental health medical solutions to join hands in providing low-cost, high-efficacy treatments and interventions for the highest need families. By combining high-tech solutions and compassionate care, our goal is to ensure that every child has the mental support they need to grow, learn and succeed.


The Cogleap Foundation for Healthy Child Development will provide support and services to our target populations in the following ways:


  •  Public Education: Hosting lectures with experts on child and adolescent mental health and related topics.

  • Holistic Interventions: Sharing best practices for helping children improve concentration, learning ability, emotional regulation and social skills with proper exercise, nutrition, sleep and relaxation.

  • Parenting Techniques: Guiding caregivers in parenting approaches that encourage learning and independence to set kids up for success.

  • Family Bonding: Promoting offline activities that establish healthy family dynamics and strengthen parent-child connections while setting up lines of communication between parents child development experts.

With the right resources, we believe every child can develop their unique talents and achieve their full potential.


Our Values

  • People come first

  • Care should be compassionate

  • There is potential in every child

  • Creativity combined with pragmatism drives innovation


  • A world where no one is held back by lack of access to mental healthcare.

  • Where every parent has the knowledge and resources needed to create a healthy and loving environment for their children.

  • And where all children have the right support to learn, thrive and grow into happy, health and confident individuals.


  • To fill mental healthcare gaps for children and teens.

  • To raise awareness and understanding of childhood and adolescent mental illness while promoting and improving access to treatment.

  • To provide public education on positive parenting styles that build supportive families and improve mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • To forge connections across diverse communities and create solutions that prioritize those who need them most.

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