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Expert Lecture Series

Principles Behind HFS

Series five expert public lectures:

How can parents prevent and respond to the harm of Internet addiction to children?

· The impact of Internet addiction on children’s physical and mental health

· How to help children establish a balanced online and offline life

· How to identify Internet addiction in children

· How parents can help their children get rid of Internet addiction and how to teach their children healthy Internet habits

Huiqiong Dr. Deng Huiqiong

· PhD in Rehabilitation Science, University of Minnesota

· Co-director of the Stanford Asian Mental Health Research and Treatment Clinic

· Addiction specialist at Stanford University

· Possess dual qualifications in psychiatry and addiction medicine in the United States

· Recipient of the Chairman’s Award, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine

Expert Public Lecture 4:

Unveiling the Secrets of Sleep | "Rebuilding Brain Health"

· Deciphering the Secrets of Sleep to Bid Farewell to Poor Sleep and Regain Physical and Mental Restoration
· How to Improve Sleep Quality?
· The Impact of Poor Sleep on Our Brain

Dr. Crystal Goh, Brain Neuroscientist

· Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University College London's Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
· Years of research work in the Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley
· Founder of Araya Brain Imaging Company
· Master's in Counseling Psychology, specializing in trauma-sensitive psychotherapy
· Certified Mindfulness Teacher Trainer

Expert Public Lecture 3:

Activating Children's Cooperation and Courage through the Power of Play

· What is play? What is the purpose of play?

· How to establish connections through games?

· How to solve problems through games?

· How can games help overcome fears?

· What to do when games are not the answer?

Dr. Lawrence Cohen:

Founder of Playful Parenting

Clinical psychologist, parenting expert, and author from the United States

Has extensive practical experience working with children and parents. Specializes in child psychology and parenting

Author of the bestselling books "Playful Parenting" and "The Opposite of Worry"

Recipient of the National Parenting Publications Awards and translated into fourteen languages, with global sales

Expert Public Lecture 2:

A Reasonable Nutritious Diet for Children's Improved Focus in Learning

· How can a reasonable diet for children at different stages (K-12) help correct poor eating habits?

· Which vitamins are essential for addressing attention deficit?

· How to boost children's immune system?

· The importance of nutrition in cognitive development in children

 Kari Sharp, MS, RDN - Nutrition Education Expert:

Over 10 years of experience in nutrition therapy for children, adolescents, and their families

Background in culinary arts, nutrition education, and involvement in multiple nutrition programs

A health and wellness advocate

Recognized as the top nutritionist in the South Bay area of Los Angeles

Expert Public Lecture 1:

How to Help Children Focus on Important Things in This Age of Distraction

· Misconceptions and blind spots about attention

· Creating a focused learning environment and unlocking children's brain potential

· Five elements to enhance children's focus

· Learning to regulate emotions and adapt to the distracted world

Dr. Edward Hallowell  

Renowned Attention Psychology Expert from Harvard University

20 years of teaching and 40 years of clinical experience at Harvard University

Author of 21 books on psychology and attention

Founder of the concept of strengths

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