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Cogleap Foundation Signs Practicum Agreement with PAU (Palo Alto University) to Train Graduate Students as Certified HFS™ Trainers


Palo Alto, CA – January 2024 – Cogleap Foundation is delighted to announce the signing of a landmark practicum agreement with Palo Alto University (PAU) and this January. This strategic partnership is set to open new doors for graduate students by providing them with the unique opportunity to become certified trainers in the revolutionary HFS™ (Hope Focus System).

Under this agreement, selected graduate students from PAU will undergo training to master the HFS™ system, a scientifically backed program developed by Cognitive Leap Solutions to enhance cognitive abilities. The HFS™ system is known for its effectiveness in improving cognitive skills, concentration abilities, and overall brain execution functions in children and adolescents through innovative techniques. 

The practicum program is designed not only to equip students with cutting-edge cognitive training skills but also to contribute to the body of research supporting cognitive advancements. As HFS™ trainers, these graduate students will play a pivotal role in facilitating cognitive improvements in a variety of populations, ensuring that the benefits of the HFS™ system are accessible to a wider community. 

"The collaboration with PAU is a significant step forward for Cogleap Foundation in our mission to foster cognitive excellence across all ages," said Jack Chen, Board Member of Cogleap Foundation. "We are excited to nurture the next generation of cognitive trainers and are confident that our HFS™ system will provide an unmatched learning experience for the graduate students." 

The partnership reflects Cogleap Foundation's commitment to education and its dedication to providing innovative solutions for cognitive development. By integrating academic rigor with practical training, this practicum promises to enhance the students' educational journey and professional expertise in the field of cognitive training.



About Palo Alto University (PAU):

PAU is a dedicated institution of higher education specializing in psychology and counseling. Known for its scholarly contributions and clinical expertise, PAU fosters a learning environment that emphasizes both academic and practical excellence.  


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